Day one, failing at Youtube

Have you every felt helpless? me neither.

The long and the short of it is that I will not know really if anything I did with my channel will make a difference, well not yet anyway. When I record a video and upload it to youtube I used to set it for 4:30pm UK time however, I looked at where a lot of my views come from ( the US ) and changed what time I dispatch the videos. From what I can see so far is that there is three more views than normal.

Now, this puts me in a bad position in the one hand there are more view but in the other am I being disloyal to my UK subscriptions? For a long while today I thought about this today and came to a conclusion there is nothing stopping any of my fans scrolling down and watching my channel so why the time change if this is the case so can the US…….It comes down to timing.

I have a few more hits today but did not lose from the UK by moving the dispatch, I may take some of my viewers routines out of sync with how they like it but I am hoping it would not be that bad.

So apologies to my UK subs while I try to make things better, one step at a time. I may be classed as a small channel but there is hope of a better day.

Still no idea what I am doing, just making the best of what I can.

Not really looking at a daily update but we will see.


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Failing at Youtube

Hi guys,

Traffic187 here welcome back. This is my tag line for my channel Tales of Tardis. I never expected to get famous from Youtube I just enjoy uploading videos from game plays to failing at gaming to reviews.

However recently it has been a real struggle to get views, I have 1,320 subscribers  but getting 5-15 views dependent on the video I upload. It is a real downer putting up content that I truly love to do but get little to no hits or feedback, I make sure I reply to all comments or at least hit the like on them letting whoever now that I have seen and read the comment.

So what are you going to do about it! you say??? Well I am doing everything that YouTube advises in their video and how to’s but it does not seem to be working . So I scoured the internet and found:  50 Free Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers And Views via the Forbes website. There was a lot in it which I am doing now but there were some interesting things I can try.

So over the next few days I will be trying them out and feeding back my findings here. I am not going to disclose what I am trying yet as this might change the results if I do.

Leaving you on a cliff hanger,

Take it easy, be good to yourself,

I’m Out.


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