OMG – What a ghost town! and Star Wars

Hi All,


I have been more than horrid with keeping my blog updated, I thought it would be easy as I can waffle for ages about nothing.

Channel Update – failing at Youtube:

As for the channel things seem to be going well. I have been moving around the times of when I let videos dispatch on to Youtube it does not seem to matter the videos still get around the same amount of views. So I think maybe just being consistent with the times will be what I will try next. I am going for 4-5pm UK time if anyone wants a look in.

Star Wars – Roller Coaster – Minecraft:

As some of you know I enjoy building and displaying  minecraft roller coasters, this year I plan to do Star Wars hopefully by the release of Rogue One.

If you have not seen them before take a look the playlist is below.

Take it easy all,



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