Day 7, Failing at Youtube -Selling out!

So I see the blog is going well, many people read…. as the tumble weed rolled by.

So in an effort to expand my channel I have looked to others I have connections with and nearly ended up with connections to a youtube I do not want. I am not going to name anyone in this blog however I stated talking to said person about cross promoting each other to maybe expand and share the love. E.g.: Subs each other has etc.

The I played a game of cards against humanity online clone, don’t ask for the link as the site is horrid and keeps falling over. Anyway back to the point I was playing this game while recording it with the might to upload and noted something, as we played more and more did we get cards that would be a bit risky but he was playing things that I would never place with others. The more we played the more he did his best to combine hateful shit. I put it at the back of my mind and carried on with friends to finish the game. Review the video footage and deleted. I was not putting that crap up.

Later on that night he openly said he was rasist and said he tells his subs all the time. At this point I have remove any ties with him.

Yes I want to promote my channel and this would of helped alot however there is no way I am selling out just to get a bit more ahead. I don’t think he knows my feeling towards him now but he will as I know he reads my blog. I am one person you may think there is not much I can do but you must stand for what you think is right and speak out, don’t just agree speak out. This is the only way things will change.

I want to see the day when racism is a word that no one knows the meaning.

Thanks for reading,





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