Day 4, Failing at Youtube

Hi All,

Hope you have a good weekend, the results are in and hold on to your seats because here we go:

So the following changes were made:

1: Changing the time I release the videos to later in the day as this is where most of my viewers timelines sit.

2: Being more active, at least a video a day.

3: Changed my Youtube description and tags. To be clearer what I am about.

4: Made thumbnails clearer so people know what they are watching.

5: Added my Youtube channel to the TeamSpeak I run.

So results,

Changing time – Overall had no real impact however I can now see that my old release time is still popular s looks like I have regulars coming back around the 6-8pm mark. Not sure if I want to move back to that time yet might want to try this over a long time like a month.

Being more active, seems to work and it is something I wanted to do anyway, the only thing I don’t like about it is if I record ahead sometimes I get ahead of the comments that help.

Can’t really tell if my description or tags help. Understanding a google search helps, but not sure if it will help a tiny channel.

Thumbnails, my own personal goal I sometimes overwork the thumbnail putting to much information in. So less is more.

Overall the changes have helped a little more subs are coming in that is for sure and views are following suit. I don’t expect anything at all to happen really with the way YouTube run however I feel things have changed a little.

If anyone has any ideas I am all ears,




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