Reviewed game – Not making it to Youtube

Hi Guys,
So as you know I am a Youtuber – A small one failing ever so much however I pick a Greenlight games every once in a while record and upload it however, this time around I have chosen not to as the gameplay is horrid. Now don’t get me wrong the music was amazing and it was a nice dynamic to have the speedo work with the life of the girlfriend however, there is no feel that the game will end just seemed to be an endless road with a few jumps and (Spoiler) Copper shooting at you which I not even sure you can dodge. The games graphics are damn pretty with a Tron feel to them, and this saves it from the landfill where ET’s game is but it is barley worth the price.

Pros – Music & Graphic style

Con – Everything else but gameplay was the worst – this could/should have been an internet free game at best

Lastly – Is it worth £1.99……. maybe? If you want to support indie talent, clearly there is skill here but the game just feel hollow.

Best Regards



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