Day two, Failing at Youtube

Hi All, Happy Friday!

I say happy friday but I still feel sorry for the people that work on the weekends so sorry weekend workers. Anyway I have news, not big news but news all the same. I was not expecting to do an update today on my currently failing channel however a few things on the analytics and subscribers front are looking good. Views are down sadly but likes are up, people are sharing and putting my videos in playlists. I am also up five subscribers in the last two days this might not sound alot but it means people are watching and the time release is helping.

So going in to the weekend with a smile, Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment if you feel like it or if you have any ideas you feel would help.

If you want to see me jump below is a video of a jump scare game – I don’t do scary games

This video will be live from 11:20pm UK time.



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